Finding a successful middle ground between home and office working will be crucial. Beauty company Avon International has used a direct-selling model for 130 years.

WorldClass: Empowering 100 million people

It’s likely that, as a result of the pandemic and general trends, customers will expect that they’ll be able to conduct business online with their favorite brands. Part of creating a transformation culture is learning to take risks. Not every initiative of your transformation will be successful, but if you can learn from your mistakes and modify your next effort, your overall business transformation will be a success. Key results should be numerical such as percentages and dollar amounts. Companies that use this approach report better focus, alignment, and engagement – which should lead to a faster and more successful business transformation. They also used modern technologies like AI and ML to improve the consistency of their product and improve the overall service. They focused on providing Omni-channel experience across all platforms which boosted their revenue and helped them to scale their business further.

The problem with many of those long-term strategies is that they’ve taken too long to come to fruition. As the company had 60 different enterprise resource planning systems around the world and more than 200 back-office systems, changing the delivery address meant modifying a range of ordering and invoicing processes. The team implemented that new approach on top of its legacy platforms in 30 markets in just six weeks. Digital transformation has become the go-to marketing phrase for almost any adoption of new technology. In fact, the phrase is applied so broadly that it is in danger of becoming meaningless. Such is its ubiquity that it’s no surprise when an attention-craving organisation badges its new app or even something as mundane as a laptop refresh programme as a ‘digital transformation initiative’.

If your business is online, you’re a part of the digital transformation. But it’s not enough these days to just “be online.” Businesses that will thrive in 2021 that are operating online — and the COVID-19 pandemic has proved this. When an organization invest in entirely new technologies and replace it with old ones to create agility and efficiency then it is called a technological transformation. This way businesses can optimize their training content regularly and also improve the business process by understanding where the employees are struggling.

By using the right technology, businesses can enrich customer interactions and offer previously impossible levels of engagement. Hybrid work environments intensify the need for new technologies and digital processes to facilitate idea-sharing and a more collaborative environment.

Step 6: Develop a Management Strategy

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The improved employee user experience translates into higher customer satisfaction since repairs can be made with greater speed and accuracy. The AI approach reduces repeat tickets or customer visits due to errors made during the technician’s initial dispatch, Flinchum noted.

People usually visit one of Arvest’s 200-plus locations to open a new account. But after that transaction, customers expect more of a digital relationship, noted Ninish Ukkan, CTO at Arvest. Vladimir Lugovsky is the Co-Founder of digital product development agencyAkveoand low-code SaaS startup UI Bakery.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

As the pandemic could not have been predicted, many businesses were left scrambling to scale their processes as in-person, and on-site business models became unsafe. Most industries needed to rise to the occasion unless they simply could not adapt to a work-from-home or work-from-online model. This strategy is essentially a structured way to move through the process, how you get from point A (pre-transformation) to point B (post-transformation). Let’s go over some guiding questions and additional requirements to help you create a viable digital transformation strategy.

With this goal in mind, you know what you need to achieve to say that you’ve transformed your process. With this, it becomes easier to identify the tools that will assist you along the way.

The winners of the last waves of transformation have something in common. Use these templates to coordinate teams, get management on board with the change to digital, and find the best digital solutions for your business.